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Who’s driving the local food movement? YOU!

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RE-POST from 2013 – post script added

You, the Consumer, are driving the local food movement!

And I want to Thank you and tell you how very important you are~

Over the last month, I’ve been focused differently than usual  on the Local Food Movement. I’ve been blessed with a few ‘10,000 foot views’ into how far our Beloved Local Food Movement has come. One thru WV Food and Farm Coaltion’s  Roadmap for the Food Economy, The Cast Iron Cookoff  and TEDxManhattan’s – Changing the way we eat  Three perspectives: State, Regional and National perspective.  If you’re me ~ That’s the trifecta!  (The jackpot will be when I get to Italy for Terra Madre Day)

There is a lot more  ‘local food’ available than there was even 5 years ago.  The progress

Berkeley Springs Farmers market - Photo by Lorrie Shoettler

Berkeley Springs Farmers market – Photo by Lorrie Shoettler

over the 8 years since I’ve been professionally involved as a co-owner of a Farm to Table restaurant, and the roughly 20 years since I was started consuming ‘local food’, is nothing short of stunning.
What’s the big difference?  You are!  You are creating demand.  You are voting with your dollars.  You are “sourcing” more locally for your own table. Those of you that set aside one night a week to serve your family local food are really making a commitment.  I applaud your resolve.  I know it’s not easy.   When you do what you do, you’re enabling me to have better availability here in Berkeley Springs. It’s the way the local  food system works! buyfreshbuylocalwvEverytime you go out of your way to ‘Buy Local’ – at your Farmers Market or Community Market – maybe you have a CSA at some time during the year – or you choose a restaruant like ours,  committed to sourcing locally – called Farm 2 Table, you are driving the Local Food Movement.101264581  Thank you in red on white background

Thank you!
Keep up the Good Work!
Support your Local Farmer
No Farms ~ No Food

Post Script: April 21, 2015
It was fun to read this again today – I’m so grateful for each of you and our collaborative expanding commitment to ‘Local Food’ .
While i’ve been fully engrossed In Panorama and our evolving menu lately, this week I’ll be with my ‘other’ people,  the people of WV’s Local Food Movement.
Tomorrow there’s a  Hub Club field trip to Heart and Hand in Phillippi WV as some of us ‘boots on the groud’ folks involved in aggregating and distributing local food from small WV farms.  Then, I’ll travel back to Berkeley Springs with Liz Spellman (WVFFC) and Adam Taylor ( WVFMA).  They’re coming to host an Eastern Panhandle Regional Farm Gathering at Blue Ridge Technical & Community College on Friday.

I have the priveldge of being accompanied to The Gathering by a high school senior – a culinary student at James Rumsey.  I was so happy her grandmother brought her in to Panormaa a couple weeks back!  She will continue her culinary education and pursuit of local food next year at Blue Ridge.  We are all so gratified at the number of young people who are showing interest in and passion for this work.  It makes my heart sing!

In their down time, Liz and Adam will visit with the Panorama Team and a few of the cool “local foods’ places we have in our little corner of the world.  These are the days…
Thank you all for your continued support