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Panorama at the Peak – A Local Foods Gathering Place

We’re Open:
• Friday 11am – 8pm
• Saturday & Sunday 8am – 4pm
• Farmers Table Dinner – 5  Courses – $50
      Every Saturday 6:30pm – Reservations Required


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New Beginnings

Overhead photo by Joel Tuttle 062013

Maybe you’re ‘new’ to Panorama, or maybe you know us well…Either way, we hope you’ll be tickled by the changes you see.  To begin our 2nd decade of  stewardship of Panorama’s 60 acres we spent the winter doing some soul searching, some light renovations, deep cleaning, and never ending repairs that accompany an 87 year old building.

What’s changed?  Mostly us! To make a long story short – we have begun the process of realigning our Farm to Table Restaurant with our larger commitment to the whole property. We intend to be the last people to own the Overlook privately.  We will get three trails built this year.  Preserving/conserving a community asset for ‘the commons’ is more complicated than it looks – but we’re getting it started, finally!
By early summer, we’ll be ready to offer 3 lodging units as vacation/ short term rentals.  Our Event Center has scheduled the first event as we continue our planning to bring you programs of interest and offer a place to be together for familiy reunions, communities and business retreats.
Under Counter Mirror Frames Niners 042716With Panorama’s long standing commitment to Local Food stronger than ever, we are shifting our menu to lighter fare/café/bakery type food – all homemade.  Locally fair trade sourcing is our priority, organic is our backup.
Our new hours are Friday 11 – 8 (beginning May 6th), Saturday and Sunday 8 – 4pm.  (beginning April 30th & 31st)
Every Saturday evening at 6:30, we’ll offer ‘The Farmers Table’, an intimate 5 course meal served at one long Community Table, where we highlight a local farm or two and seasonal fare.
We are experimenting with local food fermentation with an intent to start manufacturing our products for distribution and resale.  Don’t be surprised if one of us randomly offers you a taste of our latest fermented tea (kombucha) or sauerkraut to sample.

River View Gift Shop Shelves 042716Another noticeable, and we hope welcomed change is the addition of River View Gifts – we’re excited about the look and feel and eager to showcase the wares of our Appalachian neighbors – artisans, authors, jewelry makers, a potter and some fiber – and a selection of delicious, skillfully crafted jams and jellies. We hope you’ll stop by, check out the changes and grab a tasty treat – or a delicious cup of Black Dog Coffee.

While we are still working toward “the new Panorama,” we hope you’ll join us for the journey. We are very excited for what the future holds for this marvelous piece of property and be a part of it’s story. We appreciate everyone’s support along the way and can’t wait to see you all, enjoying the overlook as much as we do. ♥