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 Closed for Annual Winter Vacation • Feb 2 – March 4
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Falling in Love with the View

The first thing you notice when you pull into our parking area is NOT the restaurant. Your eyes are drawn immediately to the view….the panorama.

Beautiful Overlook view  w low flying clouds

In a time of change, when we barely can make it through any day without some crisis somewhere, the seeming unchanging nature of that scene is calming. And yet, as you settle down to meditate, or to just BE in the space and time of that visit, you notice the play of the sun as the hour passes, the movement of a train down along the river, and you realize, even here, nothing stays the same.  I never tire of looking out over the past and dreaming of our future.

Winter Overlook

Although the speed may not be noticeable by us, the change is happening. The Potomac River Valley has been evolving for hundreds of millions of years. The Appalachians are one of the oldest mountain chains on earth, with its geologic sister located in Africa from a time when the current continents were jammed together.  Kind of mind boggling to think in these terms.

Presented with the vista of the Potomac River we can’t help but feel we need to step into the role of steward. We MUST take care of this place. We MUST extend that to all areas that our actions touch. And it can’t just be empty words. We MUST live the message and show life can be relished this way.
P1010212 Greg McGrath 1

Our time on Cacapon Mountain has opened our eyes to the role of the natural in our lives and we hope it will in yours also.  Come spend some special time with us.